Oktoberfest 2016 Details

Hi, Group Leaders

I hope you are having a great Monday on this gorgeous day! I wanted to give you a little information on our upcoming Oktoberfest. For Oktoberfest to be successful, we need your help. So, check out the information below:

What is it?
Oktoberfest is our fall CHURCH WIDE fellowship. We serve dinner (Chick Fil A–sandwiches and suggests) for families and community groups host carnival type booths or activities for children and families to engage in and get a few treats. There will also be music provided by talent in our Body. Oktoberfest is an opportunity to have your group members invite that neighbor or coworker they’ve been praying for to meet a few folks at Capstone and enjoy a fun night. It’s also a chance for you to hang out with your group and maybe even meet a few more folks. Since we are divided up into three services, Oktoberfest provides a chance for us to catch up with old friends and new ones. We’ll also be giving away gift cards and prizes throughout the evening!

When and where is Oktoberfest?
Wednesday, October 26 from 6:00PM – 8:00PM at Tuscaloosa’s River Market. Set up for your booth may begin at 4:00PM.

What do Community Groups do at Oktoberfest?
Community Groups host a booth or activity for children of all ages to have a little fun and maybe get a treat. For the most part, your groups comes together to plan, design, and “work” your booth at Oktoberfest. You may want to do a booth specific to toddlers and preschoolers, or teenagers, depending on your group dynamics. Oktoberfest is for our whole church Body, not just for families with kids. We want families to have FUN!

How many activities are needed for Oktoberfest?
We need about 14-16 activities hosted by Community Groups at Oktoberfest. Essentially, your group covers the cost of your booth or activity and a prize (candy or small toy) for participants. We would like to keep the number of booths a little lower this year, as it’s a little crowded at the River Market. So, consider partnering with another group. Maybe a young family group could partner with a group that has teenagers or no kids at all? Maybe a group could partner with their “original” community group to have some fun? Maybe all the Young Pro groups could come together to host a booth? There are lots of possibilities and great potential for fellowship. Plan for about 250-300 prizes.

What’s in it for our group to participate?
I’m glad you asked. You get to hang out with your group and have fun. If your booth or activity is voted fan favorite, you get a free meal for your community group or groups. We are in the process of negotiating with our favorite food truck as the prize. So, stay tuned and more importantly, get creative!

What types of activities are needed?
We like creativity. We’ll have the big slide and a bouncy house for the little kids.
A few ideas are:

  • Angry Birds
  • Face painting
  • Fireman races
  • Tricycle races
  • Nose picker
  • Glow stick dance party
  • Photo booth (yes, we’ll have a #)
  • Cupcake or cookie walk
  • A small ninja warrior course
  • Go fish
  • Corn hole
  • Cookie decorating
  • Pumpkin Toss
  • Basketball or Football Toss
  • Some non digital type of Pokemon Go
  • Trivia (dum dums and smarties as prizes :))

Please let me know your idea as soon as you have it available. We don’t want duplicate activities. So, first one in with their idea, gets it. I’m happy to answer any questions.

Thanks so much for getting your community group engaged in Oktoberfest! It’s always a fun time for our church.

Have a great afternoon!

Amy Smith